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influencer marketing
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How does de-influencing trend influence the influencer marketing industry?

Influencer marketing today is the key strategy for all kinds of brands from beauty to fintech startups. At the same …
PR Agencies
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How PR Agencies Are Embracing the Future with AI Integration

Since founding my PR agency Nadel Phelan 30 years ago, I’ve had the pleasure to bring countless disruptive technologies to …
Future of AI
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The Future of AI in Marketing-Transforming the Customer Experience with Advanced Technologies

It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come with technology, isn’t it? And as technology advances, so does the way …
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Why email-marketing should be free?

Get insights on why email marketing ought to be seen as a "marketer's right" from the visionary- Greg, CEO of SALESmanago
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Succeeding in retail with agile and controlled growth

Competitive advantages are eroding, and customers are in control The retailer competitive landscape is complex today. When describing competition, it …
DAM systems
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Embracing digital asset management: Driving efficiency in marketing and creative operations

In the world of marketing and creative operations, the ability to efficiently manage and distribute digital assets is paramount. Findings …
international SEO
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Why international SEO should be the next priority for businesses and how they can improve their performance

We’ve reached the point in ecommerce where the world is truly your marketplace. Global payments technology means that you can …
eCommerce Privacy-First
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Understanding the Relationship between Consumer Trust and Intent: Embracing a Privacy-First Approach in eCommerce

In the ever-evolving world of eCommerce, building consumer trust and understanding intent is vital for online retailers’ success. However, by …
Digital Librarians
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Digital Librarians: The Quiet Dynamos Behind Content Operations

The recently released film, ‘The Covenant,’ tells the story of John Kinley, a U.S. Army special operations sergeant and Afghanistan …
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Re-boot Your Cause: How MarTech Unlocks New Opportunities for Nonprofits

Technology and digital transformation often feel out of reach for small to mid-size nonprofits, but holistic solutions that are easy …
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Essential Checklist for Secure, Compliant & Quality Marketing Agency Hiring

A great deal of time and money can go into the process of selecting a marketing agency, so it’s incredibly …