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SproutLoud integrates AI in Brand-to-Local Marketing Platform


SproutLoud, the leader in distributed marketing, is proud to announce the launch of new AI capabilities that are being infused into the platform, featuring generative AI, improved user experience and enhanced productivity. With its long-term investment on integrating generative AI, advanced learning models, and self-training data science into its platform, SproutLoud is poised to redefine the brand-to-local landscape.

“SproutLoud’s primary focus is making marketing easier and more effective for brand-to-local teams that sell through channel partners, locations and frontline employees,” said Jared Shusterman, Founder and CEO of SproutLoud. “Our platform, infused with AI, will supercharge the capabilities our clients rely on to expedite speed to market, enforce brand compliance and regulatory compliance, and amplify ROI on content and marketing investments.”

Generative AI capabilities in SproutLoud will translate into tangible ease, reduced training cycles and increased productivity for brand-to-local co-marketing efforts. And the future use of AI for natural language search, spanning multiple languages, aims to simplify content distribution and make it even easier and more intuitive to find branded assets for marketing campaigns, promotions and social posts. The platform’s enhanced functionality will better equip local users with the right content at the right time, to ensure on-brand and on-message consistency.

SproutLoud is mindful of the process of incorporating data into baseline AI technologies and remains committed to providing enterprise clients and their partner networks with data privacy and security, ensuring the governance of AI, and protecting client data. SproutLoud is SOC 2 Type II, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA compliant, and continuously evaluates and invests in technologies that align with its commitment to security and privacy.

SproutLoud is dedicated to staying at the forefront of AI advancements, adhering to ethical considerations, prioritizing the elimination of bias, and ensuring transparency in AI usage.

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