Sales Automation, Enablement & Intelligence unveiled Apollo 3.0 3.0 is a groundbreaking go-to-market platform that harnesses advanced AI and taps into Apollo's premium buyer database, supercharging the sales process

Today,, the leading go-to-market (GTM) solution, unveiled Apollo 3.0, an all-in-one platform offering AI-powered assistance across the entire deal funnel — transforming the way sales and marketing teams operate. This single, unified platform empowers revenue teams to prospect more efficiently, win more deals, improve results, and leverage AI-driven intelligence to streamline their go-to-market. By seamlessly integrating Apollo’s rich B2B database and top-notch sales execution tools with data-driven guidance throughout the platform, businesses can tap into up to 40 percent more of their total addressable market (TAM). The announcement took place during Apollo’s inaugural virtual event, Olympus 2023, where more than 20,000 people came together to experience the launch first-hand and gain invaluable insights to revolutionize their go-to-market strategy.

In an exclusive Product Keynote, Apollo’s Chief Product Officer Shek Viswanathan and Vice President of Product Krishan Patel demonstrated aspects of Apollo 3.0 that have made intelligent prospecting, customer engagement, and overall sales effectiveness 10x easier.

“Apollo 3.0 will be purpose-built for every role in sales and beyond to operate with greater speed and scale. Apollo’s powerful sales execution software is supercharged by AI capabilities, and uniquely built on a foundation of the industry’s most accurate B2B data,” said Apollo’s Chief Product Officer Shek Viswanathan. “Apollo 3.0 streamlines daily processes, analyzes trends, automates time-consuming tasks, and predicts revenue-generating outcomes. The vision we’re beginning to deliver on today will transform sales and allow sales professionals to invest their time back into forming relationships with and delighting customers. ”

As Apollo CEO Tim Zheng said in his Olympus Opening Keynote on The Future of Sales + Go-to-Market, sales today is more challenging than ever before where just 3 in 10 salespeople feel confident about hitting their quota this year. Apollo 3.0 was developed following 500+ user interviews and thousands of customer inputs, including the company’s own experience using the platform to scale. Krishan Patel said that once the Apollo team began using the process now offered throughout the Apollo platform to assist with prioritization, personalization, and scale, the team successfully generated thousands of meetings a month, which has contributed to the company’s 9x revenue growth over the last two years.

A Unified Platform Enhanced by End-to-End AI-Powered Functionality

With over 50 new capabilities released just this year, Apollo has consistently delivered a market-leading slate of innovation in 2023. The platform’s intuitive design and product-led approach have established it as the go-to-market solution of choice for over three million sales and marketing professionals at over 500,000 companies. Now with 3.0, AI-powered functionality will be incorporated into every aspect of the platform to increase efficiencies that drive lead generation and sales acceleration.

Key features of Apollo 3.0:

  • The new Apollo Home experience provides sales reps with a central resource to manage their day-to-day activity and is inspired by the company’s own prospecting playbook. With Apollo Home, salespeople can easily follow up on the highest priority messages with a central, AI-powered inbox; automatically discover new prospects in Apollo’s vast network; move quickly through guided tasks such as making calls or writing personalized emails; and take recommended steps to improve conversion rates. Apollo’s home experience streamlines pipeline building processes and boosts productivity and results.
  • Account-Based Prospecting grows Apollo’s suite of functionality for every account prospecting strategy including: organizational charts for key accounts, tools to easily automate account engagement plays, and anonymous website visitor tracking—functionality that previously required teams to navigate a handful of disparate software solutions.
  • Bombora’s best-in-class intent data on recent topical search behavior is seamlessly integrated with Apollo’s award-winning B2B database, delivering dramatically increased email response rates.
  • Deal Management provides a comprehensive overview of every deal, providing valuable insights throughout the entire opportunity lifecycle. It will streamline administrative tasks such as updating your CRM, managing follow-ups, and prioritizing tasks, ensuring that deal owners maintain oversight at every step and sales representatives stay focused on closing deals.
  • AI-Assisted Meetings brings together the power of Apollo’s new deal management capability with existing conversation intelligence functionality to offer a uniquely robust, AI-enhanced meeting experience. Pre-meeting, salespeople receive a complete research brief, derived from the industry’s most accurate data—optimizing win rates and saving representatives a minimum of eight hours per week.
  • Conversation Intelligence enhancements also bring new sales team coaching features to Apollo including call tagging, call libraries, keyword tracking, and scorecards.
  • Apollo 3.0 also introduces a breadth of enhancements to existing functionality, aimed at delivering a more unified and accessible solution for every role in sales including goal tracking, inbound routing to ensure prospects talk to the right salesperson immediately, and guided inbox setup to optimize deliverability.

“Enhancements are coming quickly and will be an enormous relief for overworked sellers working hard to meet their quotas,” wrote Seth Marrs, Principal Analyst at Forrester. “This means more time selling and less time preparing and searching for insights. The best sellers will integrate these capabilities quickly and use them to stand out from their competition.”

Join the Waitlist
An initial set of Apollo 3.0 capabilities are available to customers today, along with the opportunity to join the beta for the Apollo home experience.

To stay updated and be among the first to access new features, please join the waitlist at By joining the waitlist, you will receive timely communications as additional features become available, allowing you to optimize your sales and marketing efforts with the latest AI-powered tools.

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