Free Stock Market Training session in Multan 9th December 2017

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Upon the completion of this course, the participant will have:
• Received in-depth training in Classical Chart-Analysis and Fundamental Analysis
• The ability to quantify underlying price risk and price opportunities
• Be able to structure their own trading strategy or hedge positions effectively

“9th  Dec. 2017 From 10 AM till 5 PM ”

Training Charges: Free of Cost

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Target Audience

Investors, Traders, Dealers, Portfolio Managers, Controllers, Investment managers, Relationship Investment Advisors and those that trade for their own interest

Course Structure

Lectures, discussions and case studies.

Course Facts

Duration: 1 Day

Program Contents

Module 1: Introduction to technical analysis and trading

• Overview – structure and methodology for the course
• Review of the basics of technical analysis
• Practical challenges of day to day trading

Module 2: The relationship between technical trading and technical analysis

• The theories behind technical trading
• Underlying assumptions for market structures and market processes
• Weaknesses of technical trading theory

Module 3: Classical bar charts & Candle Stick Charts

• Classical bar chart construction: minute, hour, day, week, month
• The importance of time, volume and open interest
• The power of contextual charts

Module 4: Basic trend concepts

• The definition of “trend”
• The underlying structure of trends
• Bull and bear
• Horizontal and diagonal
• Support vs. resistance
• Pivots
• Exercise, Trend recognition, changing trends, redrawing trends.

Module 5: Basic concepts in reversal patterns

• Head and shoulders
• Measurement
• Tops and bottoms
• Double
• Triple
• Measurement
• Historical examples

Module 6: Basic concepts in continuation patterns

• Continuation patterns:
• triangles
• flags
• pennants
• wedges
• head and shoulders continuation
• More patterns – gaps, island reversals, key reversals
• Exercise, recognising continuation patterns.

Module 7: Other technical indicators – theoretical and practical strengths and weaknesses

• Classical bar charts
• Candlesticks
• Point and figure
• Moving averages
• Bollinger band
• Fibonacci
• Stochastic
• Andrew’s Pitch Fork

Module 8: Introduction to Analysis Types

• Fundamental Analysis

• Technical Analysis

Module 9: Introduction to Fundamental Analysis 

• What are Fundamentals of a Public Limited Company

• How to Study Financial Statements

• Introduction to Financial Ratios

• How to Calculate Financial Ratios

Module 10: Ratio Analysis

• Short-term solvency, or liquidity, ratios

  • Current Ratio
  • Quick (or Acid-Test) Ratio

• Asset management, or turnover, ratios

  • Inventory Turnover Ratio
  • Total Asset turnover

• Profitability ratios

  • Profit Margin
  • Return on Assets (ROA)
  • Return on Equity (ROE)

• Market value Measures

  • Earnings per Share
  • Price- Earning Ratio (PE)
  • Book Value per share
  • Market-to-Book ratio
  • Dividend Payout
  • Retention Ratio

“9th  Dec. 2017 From 10 AM till 5 PM ” 

Training Charges: Free of Cost

For Registration:
Phone:  03445544449
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Course Name: Traders Pro 7

Available Seats: 50

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MARKET STRATEGY – Develop your own Derivatives market strategy and learn how to create your own winning system.

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